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Resource Manager - Sample Resources

Add sample resources from all DynamicPDF Cloud API code samples using the Resource Manager.

The Resource Manager is where you manage your DynamicPDF Cloud API resources that reside in your cloud storage space. You can also use it to get any of the resources included in the code samples in this documentation.

samples Folder

In Resource Manager you should see a top-level folder below root entitled samples. If you do not, then right-click and add a folder named samples. Select the samples folder and the Add Samples button should appear.

  • Create or select samplesfolder to view the Add Samples button.

Figure 1. Add resources from any sample application by selecting Add Samples.

Adding Samples

Selecting the Add Samples button displays a dialog containing a list of all sample applications. Select one or more sample projects by selecting the sample's checkbox and then select OK.

If uncertain if you are selecting the correct sample application, click the information button on the right of the sample and a new browser tab opens with the documentation page for that sample.

Figure 2. Select the sample application to add that sample application's resources.

After selecting the resources needed, the sample application(s) are added to your cloud storage space and are visible in the Resource Manager. Refer to the Resource Manager for more information on working with files in your cloud storage space using the Resource Manager.

Figure 3. The Adding Outline sample application's resources added to your cloud storage space.