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Use the Environment Manager to manage your DynamicPDF Cloud API Configuration.

The Environment Manager is the DynamicPDF Cloud API's "dashboard" where you manage resources, use DynamicPDF Designer, manage users, manage billing, access reports, and access documentation. Refer to any of the links below for more information.

Table Of Contents#

Environment Manager IconFunctionalityDocumentation
Manage ResourcesOpens the Resource Manager.Resource Manager
DesignerOpens DynamicPDF Designer.DynamicPDF Designer
Apps and API KeysOpens the Apps and API Keys.Apps and API Keys
UsersOpens the User Manager.User Manager
Plan and BillingOpens the Plan and Billing.Plan and Billing
ReportingOpens the Reporting.Reporting
Help DocumentationNavigates to the online documentation.Documentation Overview

Figure 1. The DynamicPDF Cloud API's Environment Manager.


Logout of your account by clicking the Logout button.

Figure 2. Click the Logout button to log out of you account.