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Plan and Billing

Use Plan and Billing to manage the DynamicPDF Cloud API plan that your organization subscribes to.

Figure 1. To view available plans and billing, click the Plan and Billing icon to open Plan and Billing.

Default Free Plan#

All newly created accounts are created with a free default plan. This plan allows 50,000 free pages per day but all created PDFs have a watermark at the bottom of each page. This watermark is removed after upgrading to one of DynamicPDF's paid plans. Free accounts are also limited to the user that created the account until upgrading.


All PDFs generated using the DynamicPDF Cloud API contain a watermark until you upgrade to one of the paid plans.

Upgrading a Plan#

Upgrade your plan by selecting Upgrade Plan to display the available billing options.

Figure 2. Click the Upgrade Plan button to view available billing plans.

Plans vary depending upon the number of PDF pages you need to create per month and your storage requirements.

Figure 3. Plan options for billing.

To select a plan you must enter your organization's billing information and credit card information.

Figure 4. Credit card payment information dialog.

After your card is charged a confirmation dialog summarizes your charges and sends the account owner an email with an invoice. You can also view the invoice by selecting View Invoice.

Figure 5. Credit card billing information dialog.

Note that the invoice is also mailed to the account's other users with the billing permission (see users).

Figure 6. Billing information confirmation email.


View invoices by selecting the View Invoices button.

Figure 7. Select View Invoices to view your organization's invoices.

Invoices are listed by date and provide an invoice number should you require support.

Figure 8. Billing invoices.

Figure 9. Billing invoice.

Changing Billing#

Select Change Billing to change your organization's plan. Your plan will change when it reaches the next billing cycle.

Figure 10. Billing change confirmation.

You will receive an email confirming the change.

Figure 11. Email confirming billing change.