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Use the image-info endpoint to get metadata from an image.

The image-info endpoint takes an HTTP POST form submission, where an image is sent as binary data.

POST HTTP/1.1Authorization: Bearer your-api-key

Refer to image-info in the Client Libraries section of the Users Guide for this endpoint using the DynamicPDF Cloud API's client libraries.


RequestRequest DataResponse
POSTimage as byte arrayJSON document containing metadata.


Header ParametersTypeDescription
AuthorizationBearer DP.V9xxxxThe API key used to authenticate endpoint.
Content-typestringThe content type of the image
Request Body
Bodybyte arrayThe file data of a supported image type.

Image Content Types#

The image-info endpoint supports the following content types.

ApplicationMIME TypeFile Extension
graphic interchange formatimage/gifgif
image fileimage/iefief
JPEG imageimage/jpegjpe
JPEG imageimage/jpegjpeg
JPEG imageimage/jpegjpg
JPEG file interchange formatimage/pipegjfif
scalable vector graphicimage/svg+xmlsvg
TIF imageimage/tifftif
TIF imageimage/tifftiff
RGB bitmapimage/x-rgbrgb

Example Request#

curl -X POST "" -H  "accept:application/json" -H  "Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxxx" -H  "Content-Type: image/png" --data-binary "@c:/holding/getting-started/getting-started.png"

Example Response#

[    {        "pageNumber": 1,        "width": 90,        "height": 81,        "horizondalDpi": 72.008995,        "verticalDpi": 72.008995,        "numberOfComponents": 4,        "bitsPerComponent": 16,        "colorSpace": "rgb"    }]

Multi-Page Tiffs#

The image-info endpoint also supports multi-page tiffs.

Example Request#

curl -X POST "" -H  "accept:application/json" -H  "Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxxx" -H  "Content-Type: image/tiff" --data-binary "@c:/holding/getting-startedmultipage.tiff"

Example Response#

[    {        "pageNumber": 1,        "width": 816,        "height": 1056,        "horizondalDpi": 96,        "verticalDpi": 96,        "numberOfComponents": 3,        "bitsPerComponent": 8,        "colorSpace": "rgb"    },    {        "pageNumber": 2,        "width": 816,        "height": 1056,        "horizondalDpi": 96,        "verticalDpi": 96,        "numberOfComponents": 3,        "bitsPerComponent": 8,        "colorSpace": "rgb"    },    {        "pageNumber": 3,        "width": 816,        "height": 1056,        "horizondalDpi": 96,        "verticalDpi": 96,        "numberOfComponents": 3,        "bitsPerComponent": 8,        "colorSpace": "rgb"    },    {        "pageNumber": 4,        "width": 816,        "height": 1056,        "horizondalDpi": 96,        "verticalDpi": 96,        "numberOfComponents": 3,        "bitsPerComponent": 8,        "colorSpace": "rgb"    }]

Further Information#

You can also use one of DynamicPDF's provided client libraries to integrate the endpoints into your client applications if you prefer. For more information, refer to the relevant Users Guide sections: