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Use the dlex-layout endpoint with one of DynamicPDF's client libraries to create PDF reports from DLEX files.

The dlex-layout endpoint is for creating PDF reports from DLEX files. The endpoint consists of two form field parameters and returns a PDF document. The dlex-layout endpoint uses a DLEX file combined with JSON data to create PDF reports. It is an HTTP POST command that submits a form.


Refer to the following Users Guide page if you need more information illustrating how to call the endpoint directly as a REST call.

The complete example is available via one of the following GitHub projects depending upon the language you wish to use.

LanguageGitHub Users Guide ProjectClass/FileLocation/Package/Namespace

Client Library Example#

In the following examples, the processing steps and syntax are consistent across languages. Each client library has the following classes.

  • The LayoutDataResource holds the JSON dataset used by the DLEX file to create the finished report.
  • The DlexLayout instance holds the DLEX file containing and the LayoutDataResource instance.
  • The DlexLayout instance calls the Process method and, if successful, returns a PdfResponse containing the completed PDF.